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Formation of the Mission

On February 27, 2007 Kashipore Pragati Mission   was established by 11 voluntary person of the rural village work exclusively for motivating people to educate voluntarily in human misery from the society.icture of mission

  • To motivate people to donate blood voluntarily
  • To create awareness in the society in science of blood and blood donation
  • To make people aware of the Safe Blood Transfusion
  • To conduct blood donation camps throughout the year for Government Blood Banks
  • To organise training programmes for blood donor motivators
  • To organise school programmes for blood donor motivators
  • To publish handbills, booklets to promote voluntary blood donation, heath awareness. 
  • To motivate the donors of tomorrow.
  • Health awareness HIV , TB, Haemophilia,Thalassaemia etc.
  • To fight against the poverty through micro LIC.
  • Eye checking/and operation camp. 


This hundred percent voluntary organisation is run professionally, round the clock by a group of volunteers drawn from every walks of life who spare a fraction of their free time in a coordinated manner. There is no paid staff in the organisation.

 Philosophy of the Organisation

If people placed in life can spare a fraction of their spare time along with the their skill for any social welfare mission in a coordinated manner in the principle of time sharing a real voluntary organisation can do much for the welfare of a developing country in an economic manner.

Strategies of the Organisation

All activities of the organisation revolves round the five areas :
  1. Education
  2. Motivation
  3. Donation
  4. Recognition
  5. Publication

 Status of the Organisation

PRAGATI MISSION is registered under the Society Registration Act of the of 2006-07
Seminar before a blood donation camp is usually conducted to highlight the social and medical aspects of voluntary blood donation.
 School Education Programme
In this programme, school children of 14+ age group are exposed to the science of blood and blood donation since 2007. Every year more than 10 schools are covered. Some of the children become blood donor on attaining the age of 18. This programme has paid rich dividend as majority of present voluntary donors are within 18-21 age group.

For further information write to the Secretary at the above address or send E'mail at